Purpleblue Entertainment Solutions

Purpleblue Entertainment Solutions is your one stop entertainment solutions company. Having a clear understanding of your professional needs in the music industry, we provide solutions that help you make informed decisions about the future of your career or business.

  • Rights Administration
  • Copyright Management
  • Artiste Management
  • Royalty Calculations
  • Business Planning
  • Film, TV and Advertising
  • Music Business Practice
  • Music Clearance
  • Industry Contracts
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Career Planning & Development
  • Mentoring

PurpleBlue also provides intelligence and expertise about numerous aspects of the modern music industry, including music rights, the digital market, digital licensing, artiste and record deals, music and social media, etc. Our consultancy services also include training, research services, report writing, business development and one-on-one industry intelligence.

Working with artists like:

Amy Flourish, Safin de Coque & Nedjon & many more 

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