Amy Flourish

Ndisi Amarachi  Florence (Amy Flourish) was a childstar of NTA Channel 6 Aba CHILDREN VARIETY SHOW.

She featured as a regular member, reciting poems written by her elder brother. He earned her the position of the Head of Recitation at the show, till she entered Secondary School.

Thereafter Aunty Sama Chukwu invited her to Hobbies Corner of KIDDIES AVENUE, as a Special Guest, and this ignited her Acting, Singing, Writing journey.

Obi Okoli featured her in TRY ME, and HEADMASTER SPECIAL CLASS TV Series, respectively.

She held the position of Social Prefect at her Secondary School, and did a lot of stage drama, as well as took her classmates to the NTA.

This journey was abruptly stopped as Amy went to the university of Calabar, to study Linguistics and later Sociobiology. 

After her university degree Amy dusted it up and start over again, with her Artistic genre. So far Amy Flourish has released four singles; KOPNOMI, LOVE BOAT, FIRE LOVE and PARADIGM SHIFT.

Amy Flourish is inspired by love mostly.

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Amy Flourish