Righteousman Erhabor

Going into music at an early age was a passion. Growing up destroying my father’s tapes by picking one and press record and play button and wipe it out. I don’t want to know the artistes. I will just wipe it out and record it because I wanted to hear my voice. I wasn’t doing that for the money but the passion. That has kept me going over the years because if it was for money I would have faced something else.

It is not by passion but His grace because I have seen passionate, talented and gifted people dying with their talents, passion, and gift. And I have seen righteous men who have served God wholeheartedly die. What has taken me this far is God’s grace. I am also a very consistent person. Grace is the greatest sustenance because you can’t be consistent when you are sick. God gives me good health even with my massive stature God is with me. If it is not God I would faint but God has given me strength. And before I climb the stage I will always tell God to hide and show thyself forth


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